When it’s time to replace your roof, it’s important to choose a reliable company. You want a company that has the skills, equipment, and training to put a strong roof over your head. One important aspect of this is good communication skills. You could be unsure of the final cost, or the timeline for completion of the project. A good relationship with your roofing contractor will improve all aspects of the job, resulting in the roof you want for a fair price and finished in a timely fashion. 

These important traits should inform all of your interactions with your contractor: 

Regular discussions 

These could come in the form of regular meetings or informal phone calls. These discussions keep you in the loop and let you know if any problems or complications have occurred. It also allows you to express any concerns about the progress of the job. 

Good records 

You should write down any important discussions you have with the crew or the supervisor, especially concerning the budget. Also, jot down any questions that occur to you, to ask the next time you speak with the contractor, 

Mode of Communication 

Let the contractor know which types of communication you prefer; email, phone calls, texts, or face-to-face talks. 


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