Some of us want to shop price to be thrifty. Some of us want to shop price because we think it’s all the same. Some of us want to shop price because we legitimately want the best deal. There is nothing wrong with shopping price until shopping price means sacrificing quality.

We are all “price conscious.” But, what does that really mean?


Being “price conscious” is all centered around your experience and your perceived concept/reality of the word “VALUE.” How you see value in something directly relates to an associated cost or price you are willing to pay. If you see something as low value, you won’t be willing to invest as much for it. However, when you see something as high value, you will pay a premium to acquire it.

When it comes to the roofing system on your home, value is everything. A contractor that is willing to give you anything for “free” does not possess a high level of value on their own services. If they did, they wouldn’t just “give it away.” The same can be said for the contractor who uses cheap or inferior material on the roof of your home. That’s why choosing the right contractor can make all the difference. Yes, if you choose one that is more reputable, more experienced, that uses higher quality material; you are going to pay more now. But, let’s be honest, using one that uses less of all those simply means you are going to pay more later. Either way, you will pay the price for your decision.

3 Steps to choosing the “right” contractor.

Choosing a contractor can be overwhelming but we have simplified it into 3 simple steps.

  • Brick and Mortar, Always! – The contractor you pick MUST have a legitimate, brick and mortar office with real staff and support. The one man “chuck in a truck” contractor that works out of their home should throw up major warning flags. We understand that everyone has to start somewhere, but that somewhere needs to be in an office where they can learn how to operate a business correctly. Before you pick, take a drive by their office and even stop in to feel their culture. If the employees are happy and proud to work there, chances are your project is going to go great. (Side note: DO NOT buy into the “lower overhead, lower price” nonsense. It’s a line used by someone that simply does not know how to build a real business.)
  • Professional Appearance and Branding – The contractor that cares about how THEY look will care about how YOUR home looks. If they are dressed in torn jeans with an old t-shirt and they drive an old rusted truck, you may want to question “why.” If they haven’t reinvested in themselves and their business, how can you expect them to be around if something goes wrong with the installation. The same goes with the brand of their company. A contractor who isn’t proud of their brand and doesn’t constantly work to promote it doesn’t typically care about the end result of your home or business either. Things you really want to see are strong website, strong social media presence, team members in branded gear, branded vehicles, and branded facility of operation.
  • References, References, References – You owe it to yourself to check references; and LOTS of them. If they can’t provide AT LEAST 20-30 references in a quick period of time, tell them “NO THANKS.” Happy customers want to brag about quality work. It’s that simple.

The BOLT Experience

We do everything on purpose and with purpose. The level of value and quality we provide is superior for a reason; because we intend it to be. We do not believe in cutting corners or delivering anything less than substantial. We are never “cheap” because we build projects that last. We have a real office, with real people that provide real value. FREE is not in our vocabulary because we value you as our customer and we value our team and the work they do for you.