Sometimes when I take my car to the dealership to have maintenance completed, they ask me questions or point things out, and most of the time I feel like they are speaking a foreign language. While I am sure they know what they are doing, I have NO clue what’s going on when it comes to anything that has to do with my car, other than how to start it and make it go. Some people may say I am irresponsible because I don’t know but I would have you consider that I am just not really that interested. Like most of you reading this, I take my car to the experts because I am not one. I take it to the people who know because I don’t know what I don’t know and I sure as heck can’t fix it on my own.

Now, let’s apply this concept to your home.

Similar to your car, your home has a lot of moving parts. Different than your car, your home does not come equipped with a warning light or a reminder sticker in the window. When your home begins to break down or when your home suffers damage as a result of a storm, hiring the right contractor may feel like taking your car in for maintenance. Many contractors will eagerly come and perform an inspection but often times, the result of the inspection can be overwhelming.

Most reputable contractors should be able to walk you through an informative, yet easy to understand inspection outcome with easy to understand solutions. The key to a great experience is simplicity in the process. Like your car, you want to trust the “experts” to do the right thing but unlike your car, when it comes to your home, you owe it to yourself to be a little more prepared.


2 principals to know before you allow your home to be inspected.

These 2 key elements will get you up to speed and ready to have your home properly inspected.

  • The Basics – A reliable contractor always has a repeatable “process” of inspection. Some contractors start at the ground level of the home and document findings as they go. Others may begin on your roof or even inside. It typically depends on what they are called for and what their company process calls for. The thing you are looking for is some type of REAL process. Are they taking notes? Are they taking photos? Are they asking questions about what you want or what you need? Are they actively engaging in gaining clarity of the situation? There must be a process. (Note: any inspection taking less than 20 minutes, no matter what the reason, is usually not a thorough one. Also, if a report of findings is not issued, that should also raise some red flags).
  • Clarity Is Crucial – Even if you aren’t 100% interested and even if you don’t exactly know, you want a contractor that is willing to sit down and explain to you exactly what they found. They should be wiling to educate you as needed and be willing to take their time to help you feel very confident with the proper solution for your issues.


The BOLT Experience

We do everything on purpose and with purpose. The level of value and quality we provide is superior for a reason; because we intend it to be. We do not believe in cutting corners or delivering anything less than substantial. We are never “cheap” because we build projects that last. We have a real office, with real people that provide real value. FREE is not in our vocabulary because we value you as our customer and we value our team and the work they do for you.